Logotypes / brochures / flyers / and more

grafica-top We live in the age of technology and mass communication, which allows us to be known in every corner of the world. The “image” is nowadays a fundamental value, and is necessary to give a good first impression. Since the establishment of your company logo to the creation of your website. Well … let me do my job! Graphic design for all tastes and for every needs!

Corporate Identity

CORPORATE IDENTITY or CORPORATE IMAGE  [branding of any company], starting with the name and logo, and then apply them on different media such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, catalogs, cd, web, advertising paper in general, etc.. Through the coordinated image is transmitted a sense of belonging capable of consolidating the spirit of the company, placing it in a specific target. To create a coordinate image is necessary to obtain all the information necessary to understand 100% what the customer wants. Style, color, message, main target are just some of the considerations for the implementation of a LOGO. For more information on this subject please do not hesitate and send me an email with your request! Fill out the contact form.